Cultural Orientation Classes

The objectives of the AUSCO Program are to:

  • Provide accurate information on the departure processes from Iran,
  • Present a realistic picture of life in Australia,
  • Describe the settlement process and provide practical information about post-arrival settlement services and how to access them,
  • Encourage language training on arrival in Australia,
  • Provide participants with the basic skills necessary to achieve self-sufficiency,
  • Equip participants with the necessary tools to deal with initial settlement concerns and the different stages of cultural, social and economic adaptation.


The curriculum is designed to give participants confidence and independence starting their new lives in Australia, and is an opportunity for them to meet others making the same journey.

Topics covered during the course include:

  • Preparing for travel and necessary steps prior to departure,
  • The journey to Australia and the processes in the departure and destination airports,
  • Facts about Australia,
  • Settling in and registering in different organization,
  • Cultural shock and cultural adjustment,
  • Health care system,
  • Learning English, schools, universities, TAFE and other educational institutions,
  • Job Finding,
  • Money, shopping and money management,
  • Housing and lease agreement,
  • Transport and using public transportation,
  • Australian law,
  • etc.

Teaching methodology

AUSCO trainers use a variety of teaching methods throughout the course including brainstorming, simulations, case studies, debates, discussions, problem solving and role plays. IOM Tehran also provides classroom, childroom andchildcare services, reference materials such as videos and DVDs, maps, posters, newspapers, and books about Australia. A student handbook is also supplied to participants and provides information on all AUSCO topics. According to general teaching methodology of AUSCO, IOM Tehran adopts student-based teaching method in order to encourage client’s participation and enhancing their learning possibilities.

Program delivery

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is currently contracted to deliver the program on behalf of the Australian Department of Social Services (DSS) in all the relevant countries throughout the world.