Technical Cooperation

One of the key requirements for effective cooperation and policy-making in the area of migration management is a common level of understanding of the essential themes and issues involved.

In response to the request of a number of IOM member states for a manual or guidebook that would provide such an overview, IOM created the Essentials of Migration Management (EMM). The EMM is a learning tool, written in a non-technical manner, which provides an overview of the key elements of international migration management. It is intended to provide an accurate, interactive framework of reference and instruction on contemporary migration dynamics, policies and trends.

IOM has held a number of trainings based on the EMM. These trainings have been provided to government policy-makers. These training workshops focused on migration policymaking that effectively reconciles the conditions set by economic cycles on the one hand and demographic realities on the other hand. Using the lessons learned from the most recent global economic crisis, the purpose of the workshop was to better understand the very concept of population dynamics through the root-cause analysis of migration enablers and likely impacts of migration in relation to larger demographic parameters. Through a series of presentations and discussions, participants evaluated the effectiveness of various migration policy measures taken in response to the downturn and placed them in context of broader population and labor market trends, in developed and developing, origin, transit and destination countries. Attempts were made at identifying gaps and limitations in comprehensively addressing the migration challenges often found in the wake of a recession.